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Our History

Our team has been involved in the webhosting and IT industry for a long time. Some of us were taking apart our parent’s computers and putting it back together, setting up LAN parties, and even creating phone apps. Yes, we are a bunch of computer geeks.

In the beginning of 2015, we purchased webhostors.com as a way to provide hosting for our friends, family, and business associates. We quickly found that our customers loved our services and decided that we could provide this service as a full time business.

Webhostors.com  offices in Houston, Texas but the majority of our clients are worldwide.

We have changed the layout of the website, changed payment gateways, backend billing, and hiring for an increase in support and officially relaunched on August 1, 2016. We strive to make our customer service our utmost priority. If you have a question, or concern, feel free to email us, send us a ticket, call us, or even message us through chat and we will address the issue as soon as possible.

Our Team
Brian Nguyen

C.E.O./3rd Most Interesting Man in the World

Smellantine Doe



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