SHA-2 Certificate Updates

SHA-2 Certificate Updates

Hello everyone!

If you have a website with an SSL certificate installed, we highly recommend you checking to see if it was generated by the Sha-1 algorithm. You can check it here SHA-1 algorithm check. The big browser companies (Google, Microsoft, Mozilla) have already announced their future change by 2017.

So what is the big deal about it anyway? Sha-1 has evidence that it is vulnerable to attacks and may not be secure enough for regular usage. As a result, federal agencies were required to move to Sha-2 certificates, which is a more secure algorithm.

We recommend that you be proactive about this and have your SSL re-generated with Sha-2 algorithm. A reminder that you can be passive and procrastinate about the change, but keep in mind your clients and visitors will start seeing the browser warnings when they visit your site. Imagine how nerve-wracking it will be for them not to mention damage to your reputation!

If you purchased your SSL from us, please let us know and we will regenerate the SSL using the required Sha-2 algorithm and install it. If not, please contact your SSL provider and have them regenerate it then send us a ticket. We will install it for you. There is no cost to this.

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